Cebu City – Bohol – Moalboal – Osmena Peak

June 17 – 22, 2018

Day 1. Cebu City was indeed plain to me. I spent just 2 min at Megallan’s Cross. Walked and covered the Heritage of Cebu and Yap Sandiego House in less than an hour. And I had nothing to do.
Hotel used bedsheet as a blanket?

Day 2. Missed the 9.40am ferry to Tagbilaran, Bohol. Bought a 10.40am ticket and thought it was 11.40am. Wasted more than 2 hours, sitting in the warm air of Cebu.
Picked up my rented PHP500 a day rented motorcycle and headed to Panglao first.
Got a massage at Panglao. Did not see Alona Beach properly as the tide was high.


Passed by many towns, in my hurry to reach my hotel, but something made me stopped on the long journey. The sunset at Dimion.
Arrived at Anda Beach around 8pm. Big mistake to go a place 3 hours away. My ass hurt. And missed out on seeing the beach because it was already dark.
Stupidly drank coffee for dinner. Woke up at 1am and failed to fall back to sleep.
Oh ya. Bedsheet blanket again.

Day 3. Left early for Alicia. Did not see any wonderful beach.
Binabaje Hills rocked. Awesome place. Tired. Nausea. Sunburnt.


Hidden 2 hours away from Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills is Binabaje Hill. Binabaje Hill used to be called Lapawan. Located in Alicia Municipality, Binabaje Hill is just waiting for its claim to be one of Bohol gems. As for now, very few knew of it. There are no tour buses and crowds of tourists.
So, what did I have when I was there? The whole beauty of rolling hills to myself and my guide.
I rode my motorcycle to the municipality hall, after getting in touch with them days earlier to reserve a tour guide for me. The tour guide cost me PHP300 (RM22.50). Entrance fee was PHP30. No motorcycle transfer was charged as I rode my rented one.
The people were welcoming and friendly.



The hike up took me more than 1 hour. It was really hot, burnt under the merciless sun. My reward? The beauty of different shades of green rolling hills all around me. It was breath-taking. Heaven. And yet, so hot. Hell.


Some slopes were really steep, but my guide did not give up on me. And although the journey to Alicia was tiring, Binabaje Hill made it worthwhile.


My tour guide said Binabaje Hill was named after a boy who lived there. He was a boy who walked like a girl.

Skipped Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, coz it was raining. And I was tired.
Went back for another massage at Panglao.
Missed out on Paddleboard Tour. Did not see any fireflies.
Slept like a baby.
Bedsheet blanket.

Day 4. Left early (7am) for Chocolate Hills. Only a few tourists. The air was fresh and nice. Marvellous place.


Chocolate Hills UNESCO Natural Monument.
Legend said that two giants in the ancient Visaya were fighting, throwing rocks at each other. Eventually they made up but did not clean up their mess.
Another legend said a giant cried over his love for a mortal human girl. His tears formed these hills.


These are lime rock hills. They appeared chocolate in colour and looked like Hershey’s choc. Hence, the name, Chocolate Hills.

There are more than 1700 Chocolate Hills in Bohol.



Skipped Tarsier. Did not have enough time.

Loved Man-Made Forest. Loved it!!!
Along the road that connects Chocolate Hills and Tagbilaran East Highway, the authority built a man-made forest. It is a genius idea to preserve the environment. The result did not only help to keep this part of the earth green but created a 2km beautiful stretch of natural beauty.



In the afternoon, motorists have to keep their eyes for those who stop to snap photos.
I cannot blame them. This place stole my heart too.


Arrived at Moalboal in the evening. Watched sunset at Panagsama Beach. Did not manage to go to Moalboal white beach.


Bedsheet blanket.

Day 5. Left early (6am) for Osmena Peak.
Reached a wrong location for Kawasan Waterfalls. Stupid Google Map. Dead end. Locals offered to hike with me down to the waterfalls. Skipped paying entrance fee.


Kawasan Waterfalls water was amazing. So beautiful and clear. Spent 1 hour there. Also because I got lost on my way up.




Continued my journey to Osmena Peak. The view along the way was beautiful.
Reached Osmena Peak registration counter. It rained. Registration fee was PHP30. Tour guide fee was PHP150. The hike took only 20 minutes.


Plus thunder and lightnings. Right above my tour guide and me. Scary.
Osmena Peak was beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Breath-taking.





Had to skip Casino Peak as the hike would take 45 minutes. I had to rush back to Moalboal, for my bus to Cebu City. And the trail to the peak was slippery.
Had an unfortunate accident. Motorcycle slipped on sand, on the hilly road. Grazed my right cheek, hand and knee on the road. Thank goodness I was alright. And the motorcycle was ok too. Could not imagine having to pay for bike repair when I was already done to my last few pesos.
Ended the night near MacTan Airport.
Bedsheet blanket.

Day 6. Walked in the dark to airport, at 4.15am.
Terminal fee – 750php?? Shucks. I only had 580php.
I did not know about terminal fee!! Ahhh!!!!

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