Bio: I had traveled some. Nothing great to shout about but sometimes, these places could take your troubles off your mind for a while. And that's what we need in life. Some moments to ourselves. Some places we have heard of and wanted to see and we just go. And some memories for us to hold on to, and we could say, 'hey, ya, I've been there.' I am an occasional backpacker. Going around, sometimes, twice a year, when the work permits, to somewhere I have heard of earthly wonders - may it be nature, the people, the culture or just anything. I don't do museums. Tried to understand them but I failed. I am more of a person who admires mountains of Guilin and Krabi or even the clear water at Koh Lipe and smiles of other tourists/backpackers and the locals. I am a backpacker, with certain rules bent. Sometimes. However, I am not so keen on dorms as I wake up too easily at every sound or movement. So, hence, I have to bear with the additional cost of getting my own bed in my own room. Single room, of course. And the cheapest I could find.

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